Please watch this 4 minute Bob Karr YouTube video tour below – full screen is best: 


Instructions below to explore this “Live, embedded, LinkSV Executive Dashboard”:

All data is Cloud based so please allow time, based on your connection speed, for browser refresh after making selections.  Expand to full screen for best viewing (lower right hand corner double arrow – click again, or press Esc, to revert back).

ALL of the “Year and Month Slicers” are like “toggle-switch buttons” – mouse click once for on and again for off.  By holding the control key + mouse click, you can “multi-select”, like for multiple “years in the bar chart” or multiple cities in the “city bar chart” (click the bars and not the city name).

In addition, the 6 “slicers” on the upper right side allow for both “search and also a combination of multiple selections”.  You can even “select” across 1 or all six “slicers” for detailed searches.

The YouTube video, by Bob Karr, describes all of this in 4 minutes – including multiple examples of interesting insights.  Please watch the YouTube Video below or click to watch on YouTube  (best at full screen and 1080p as the video resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels)

If you know Silicon Valley geography, VCs by name, companies by name or are even curious, you can SEE a lot about VC investments over the last 18 years.

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