Executive Consulting

We consult with your Executive Team, showcase best practices, provide architectural design and recommend exactly how your company can best gain incredible business insights by implementing the most advanced business intelligence and predictive business analytics.   We analyze your Past data, your Current data and even your Future data – including Strategic Business plans.  We specialize in Microsoft Power BI, the market leader.CONTACT US to discuss the options

Virtual Executive Dashboards

For Silicon Valley CEOs, founders, managing partners and CXO executive decision makers.  We can create, from your existing Excel data, extraordinary Executive Dashboards on a single pane of glass.  Then display on iPhones, iPads, to Android devices, to Windows laptops, desktops, tablets and even to 65″+  HDTVs.  We create live, multi-dimensional, interactive, what-if Executive Dashboards – for highly mobile Executive Decision Making – from your Excel data… in only days.CONTACT US to discuss the options

Virtual Executive War Rooms

Why do generals have war rooms, pilots have cockpits, NASA have mission control centers, ships captains have command bridges and factories have control rooms?  Yet today’s Silicon Valley executives still use the same primitive tools as phone calls, email, text messaging, fax, overnight delivery services, etc.  Our Virtual War Rooms are real-time, closed-loop with situational awareness for continuous Executive Decision Making – including the latest VR/AR/MR technology – from anywhere, anytime and on any device.CONTACT US to discuss the options

Next Step …

VISUALIZE YOUR DATA for better, faster, more intelligent, closed-loop, results oriented and actionable Executive Team Decisions from Anywhere, Anytime and on Any Device … in only Days to Weeks! CONTACT US TODAY