InnovaScapes Institute COVID-19 Dashboard
US Counties, US States, and World Nations:

January 22, 2020-November 9, 2022

This COVID-19 multidimensional interactive Dashboard provides searchable data for 1,024 days of the worldwide pandemic that has plagued the world for the past three years. It offers four major statistics-Confirmed Cases and Deaths in both absolute numbers and per capita-for 3,143 US counties (and equivalent jurisdictions), 50 US States and the District of Columbia, and, not incidentally, 196 nations.

Tabular data is invaluable for analysis, but visual representations are much more informative for many kinds of data, especially obscure or complex situations. Thus, the Dashboard plots both Cases and Deaths on a time-line, which reveals the ebb and flow of major spikes, and it plots geospatial choropleths (e.g. colored comparative maps) for all four major categories.

How best to use this Dashboard? First, please watch our 6 ½ minutes video demo (YouTube button at the bottom of this page), which will give you great navigation insight.

Below, on the image of the Dashboard, click the “double arrow icon” on the lower right corner, and our “live and interactive COVID dashboard will load to full screen (use ESC key to exit).
Then note that there are six ‘pages’ to the Dashboard (center button at the bottom).

Dashboard #1 opens to California counties only, but by ‘unclicking’ CA at the upper right, it can be expanded to all USA Counties, followed by any selection that might be desired. Dashboard #2 opens to all US States, and the Selection panel at the right allows any subset comparison.

Dashboard #3 opens to 12 Western European countries, which can be expanded to any/all countries of the world.

Dashboards #4 through #6 change the “choropleth cutters” for the US Counties maps. #4 has much lower numbers, so that the beginning weeks and months can be more easily portrayed.

Dashboard #5 changes the “cutters” for the maps to cover the first year (particularly the summer surge); while #6 uses the highest numbers so that the total 3+ year spread of the pandemic can be displayed.

Many analyses using this Dashboard are described in the InnovaScapes Institute blog (c.f., as well as the team that helped create the Dashboard (Scott Futryk at Anywhere Anytime LLC,, in a mere 14 days).

Data was primarily imported from USA Facts, a non-profit organization dedicated to US data for a wide variety of arenas ( Cross-correlation is done on occasion with Johns Hopkins University ( and other sources. InnovaScapes Institute does not create, curate, nor verify this information; we are only further visualizing it.